In March 2020…

We launched with a small but information packed website which solely focused on trampolines. As we have grown over the past year we have become the most indepth trampoline information website within the UK providing guides, reviews, build tutorials and safety information.

Our main focus for 2021 is providing the best information for those looking for kids crafts, kids activities, kids products and information along with the latest reviews and buyers guides. Stay tuned for more great content from the WhatKids team!

So let’s meet the team.

Meet Our Team

Edd Edward

Founder – Developer

Edd created the website and ensures that the servers are running day and night. He continues developing the brand and look of WhatKids.

Jenny Bause

Content Creator

Jenny is responsible for writing alot of content that’s on WhatKids. A mother of a growing family Jenny creates content that comes from years of experience raising a family.

Dave Bradley

Editor – SEO

Dave is our in-house search engine optimisation wiz and online editor. He spends his time drinking tea and creating catchy headlines and creating content.

Join the Team

We are always on the lookout for guest bloggers or content writers that have something unique to say. We really dig blog articles about family life, kids crafts, gift buying guides and product reviews. So if you are looking to get features on WhatKids then you can contact the team on our Contact Us page.

Working with Brands

Quite often we are approached to work with brands through the publication of articles or reviews. You can email us on the contact page for more information. We can provide advertising rates and brand promotion details to those who are interested. We provide a full disclosure on our disclosure page and every article published contains a disclaimer and a link to said disclosure.

We believe in transparency and have no intentions of misleading our readers.

We Are An Affiliate

Throughout the WhatKids website you will see links that direct a reader to another website for the option of purchasing a recommended product. Each article we post that contains affiliate links has a disclaimer at the top of the article. You are free to read the information without clicking through to purchase a product.

Affiliate links on the WhatKids website are products we recommend or have been recommended by us as alternatives from our readers. They provide a fast solution to products a reader may be interested in. Purchasing through an affiliate link does not add any extra cost to our readers but it does benefit the WhatKids team as we recieve a small comission for each purchase.

The income generated from affiliate links on the WhatKids website helps fund the development of the site and creation of new content. We use this income to promote the WhatKids brand within the UK as the best kids product review and deal site.

Have a great day,

The WhatKids team.