about edd edward

WhatKids.co.uk was originally conceived as KidsTrampolines.co.uk where it quickly became the most in-depth trampoline buyers and guide website in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, I was limited by the name and while I still have a lot of focus on trampolines it was time to expand.

This spawned the creation of WhatKids.co.uk, a website dedicated to reviewing and discussing everything fun, Here I list the best toys and gadgets available to kids, covering the best toys for 1-year-olds right up to anything that may interest teenagers.

Who Am I?

My names Edd Edward, I’m a 32-year-old online writer. Enthusiastic about new toys and gadgets I have decided to create a website about the best toys available.

How Is This Website Funded?

Occasionally I will link out to the places where you can buy the products I discuss. Usually, these will be on the website Amazon.co.uk. If you choose to buy any product that I’ve discussed and clicked on my link to take you to the product website, I receive a commission from the retailer.

This does not cost you anything. You don’t pay a higher price and I will never recommend any product that I don’t think my readers will enjoy.

The Goal Of WhatKids.co.uk

Expanding from what KidsTrampolines.co.uk originally achieved in being a great resource for those looking to purchase the perfect trampoline. My aim for WhatKids is to develop a trusted and reliable consumer website covering a variety of different kids products.

WhatKids features reviews and guides for trampolines, outdoor and garden toys, remote control cars and planes and anything fun that catches my eye.

You can see my disclosure here.

What’s Next?

If you’d like to contact me then you can fill in the form on my contact page here. I usually can reply within 24 hours and I’m happy to chat.