UK’s 11 Best Sand and Water Tables For Kids 2022 – [Reviewed & Ranked]

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Kids love to get messy and with our best sand and water tables for kids, you will find a great guide and review about each table. Encouraging children to interact with sand and water often results in a positive experience, not only is the interaction fun and messy but it also promotes creativity and sensory development.

There are many different sand and water tables available to buy, from pirate-themed and water tables to splash water tables. The main aim is to encourage a child’s development through touch and sensation while interacting with safe materials and under the supervision of an adult.

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What is a Sand And Water Table?

There are no silly questions, in fact, you may not have even heard of what a sand and water table is.

A sand and water table is a children’s natural interaction toy that simulates a safe and non-toxic environment where kids and toddlers can interact with natural elements – sand and water.

They are usually recommended for 24 months + making them the perfect simulation and fun toy for 2-year-olds and up. Often designed in bright and appealing colours they are great fun for little ones and will keep toddlers and children entertained for hours.

Best Sand And Water Tables

We have put together this great list of the best sand and water tables for kids UK. If you want to add anything to the list then please comment below.

Sand and water tables for kids can be used indoors and outdoors but it’s advised to be placed outdoors because of the mess with sand. But we will leave the choice up to you.

1. Little Tikes Fountain Factory Water Table

little tikes fountain factory water table

This kids water table provides children with the chance to apply their imagination without limits, allowing children to build each section of the pipes in a number of different ways for limitless fun.

The Little Tikes Fountain Factory Water Table is perfect for improving your toddlers fine motor skills and encourages co-operation and interaction when more or one child is playing with the table at once.

The water pump sends the water up to the tower and the pipes allow the flow of water back into the table, it holds up to 7 gallons of water for hours of great fun.

2. Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship

little tikes anchors away pirate ship

This fun and playful pirate water tables for kids are delightful. It’s loaded with spinning features and a durable thick plastic that’s built to last.

You keep the water moving with the pump or by pouring it into the crow’s nest at the top and then you can see everything spinning. Featuring two fun characters and playful shark, kids can even aim and squirt water through the water cannon.

We think the Little Trikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship water table is the perfect choice for young, inspired pirates looking to command their own water ship. Argghhh Matey!

3. DEAO Sand And Water Outdoor Table For Kids

deao sand and water outdoor activities play table for kids with double compartment, lids and over 10 accessories

The DEAO Sand and Water Table is the perfect addition to your garden fun activity toys this summer. Built with strong durable plastic it will keep its shape without a problem.

Perfect for allowing children to run with their imagination the water and sand table comes with over 10 great accessories to make playtime the best time in the garden. Accessories include a toy rake, toy watering can, toy boat and come with two-compartment lids to keep everything tidy when not in use.

Create your own sand sculptures or shapes with the accessories or let the boat float in the water lake it all adds to the great fun to be had with the DEAO Sand and Water Table with lid.

Recommended Age: 3 Years +

4. Little Tikes Sandy Lagoon Waterpark Table

little tikes sandy lagoon waterpark table

The sandy Lagoon Sand and Water Table features two twin water slides that children can race the characters off into the water pool below.

You can bring the seaside to your garden and the height of the table makes it a great addition for toddlers who love splashing and digging.

The sand part of the table comes with a protective lid and the table itself is made from strong durable plastic. It has many integrated activities just waiting to spark your child’s imagination. Such as diving boards, water slides and buckets.

Recommended Age: 18 Months +

5. Inside Out 25 Piece Sand And Water Table Set

25 piece sand and water table garden sandpit play set beach toy moulds watering can water mill

This is one fo favourite sand and water tables for toddlers and young children with 25 individual accessories such as shapers, moulds, watering cans and spade will keep your child entertained for hours.

Made from strong plastic that’s very lightweight it’s the perfect addition to the garden but can also easily be taken down to the beach if you are planning a day out during the summer for endless fun with the kids.

Recommended Age: 3 Years +

6. Magic Kids Large Sand And Water Table

kids large sand and water table garden sandpit play set toy watering can with accessories (blue)

The large Magic Sand and Water Table is perfect to keeps children entertained for hours and encourages the development of basic learning, hand-eye coordination and social skills.

Brightly coloured and appealing to children there’s hours of fun to be had. Two separate compartments mean the sand and water are 100% separated and the table is available in two colours, pink or blue. So if you’re looking for a pink sand and water table then this is a great choice for the kids.

Plenty of accessories are included with this table such as a fork, bucket, watering can and many more.

Recommended Age: 18 Months +

7. DEAO Sand And Water Play 2 In 1 Table

deao sand and water play table 2 in 1 plastic outdoor table for toddlers with times tables and accessories included

The 2 in 1 sand and water table from DEAO is a great product, it’s easy to assemble and is made from non-toxic materials. The 2 in 1 aspect comes from the learning aspect of the lid which features a simple times table to encourage learning as well as playing.

Supplied with a mixture of accessories such as moulds, funnels and mills this 2 in 1 table is exciting and helpful in a child’s development providing entertainment and education.

Recommended Age: 3 Years +

8. AquaPlay Mountain Lake Waterway Table

aquaplay 8700001542 waterway table | mountain lake water play canal system toy with lock gates, crane, speed boat & animal figures, suitable for kids ages 3+ years

This is a portable waterway system for both indoors and outdoors that provides great education and fun. You can move and steer boats through the waterways and lochs within the colourful mountain lake design.

Allow your child to be in charge of a waterway canal system that contains a speedboat, a frog and bear featuring a water slide down from the top of the mountain lake.

Easy to assemble and construct this is an amazing water table for both indoors and outdoors that can be taken down and put back up with ease.

Recommended Age: 3 Years +

9. KandyToys Sand And Water Table

sand and water table | kids outdoor summer fun garden play sandpit

The KandyToys Sand and Water Table is a small children’s table that is great for toddlers and small children. It’s very simple in design but colourful enough to appeal to children.

Suitable for any location, the table is easily carried and taken with you on days out to the beach or over to a friends house. The sand and water tables come with a lid to keep things tidy when it’s not in use.

This sand and water table is supplied with 8 great accessories, including sand moulds and watering can make this the perfect cheap sand and water table available.

Recommended Age: 18 Months +

10. Top Race Pirate Ship Sand And Water Table

top race 24 piece outdoor pirate sand and water table - ship design, splashing summer fun toy, includes accessories; scoops, boats & spades etc. for children ages 3+

The Top Race Pirateship Sand and Water table are definitely child-friendly with a colourful pirate ships design made with safe non-toxic materials for great peace of mind.

Perfect to let the little ones imaginations run wild, the pirate ship water table is supplied with 24 extra accessories such as spades, containers, characters all with easy to grip materials.

If it’s a pirate-themed sand and water table you are looking for then don’t skip this one.

Recommended Age: 3 Years +

11. Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall

step2 862100 waterfall discovery wall

While strictly not a sand and water table, more of a waterfall toy for children, I had to include the Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall. The discovery wall is one of our favourite outdoor toys for toddlers this summer and it’s just such a fun and exciting toy for kids to interact with.

Water cascades down the front of the waterfall spinning and twirling all the accessories on the waterfall. Each piece can be moved to create a new design and is great for children’s development, imagination and coordination.

It’s fantastic!

Recommended Age: 24 Months +

Sand And Water Play – What is it?

So you may have heard the term, Sand and water play but haven’t actually found out the benefits or the reasons behind why it’s such a great therapeutic tool in your child’s development journey.

In fact, it’s even used in Sand Therapy or Sandplay therapy which is a nonverbal means of communicating one’s struggles within a safe and textured environment to engage the senses.

Although for children and kids, sand and water play is more about basic child development and sensory experiences which is great to introduce at the toddler age group. The feel of the hard sand texture and the wet water provide a new fun experience for children.

There are many ways children can enjoy sand and water play if it’s either a sand and water table, at the beach or you have a sandpit. Explore each option whenever you get a chance and watch your toddlers and small children open up.

5 Benefits Of Sand And Water Play

Sand and water play are great ways to encourage development in young children, providing benefits that come along with great fun and enjoyment. But what are the 5 biggest benefits of sand and water play?

1. Sensory Experience

The texture of sand and the wet refreshing feeling of water are excellent ways to increase a child’s sensory experience as they introduce a variety of different textures from soft, hard, slippery and slimy all while using their hands to have great fun at the same time. Interaction with a variety of different textures can assist in grounding and calming a child.

2. It’s Great Fun!

Children enjoy getting messy and having fun, water and sand play allows this to happen and children can spend hours in and about a sand and water table. With added accessories such as spades, boats and shapers they can interact with every bit of sand creating various shapes.

3. Fine Motor Skills

When children interact with objects such as buckets, spades and toy boats or toy cars it helps them develop gross motor skills and can aid in strengthening muscles. The muscles are engaged when moving sand around or gripping the tools and squeezing toy objects that help stimulate and strengthen muscles.

4. Social Skills Development

While children interact with each other they learn to develop much needed social skills, with sand and water play this can be when learning to share the space at a sand and water table or sharing and working together to create something special within the sand using toys and accessories. Assisting each other they develop these social skills and learn co-operation which they can apply to other aspects of day to day life.

5. Express Emotions

Sand and water play is great for encouraging children to show a wide range of emotions, the interaction with the sand can help reduce tension and anxiety all while having fun. It can allow hyperactive children to slow down and take it step by step without getting frustrated as they are in a safe environment. It can also allow introverted children the chance to experience something they feel safe and enjoy doing all while releasing built-up energy.

With sand and water play there are some things you need to be aware of. You need to ensure that the sand is non-toxic and not too coarse so you can provide a safe and fun environment for children to interact and express themselves.

Also, consider that it’s really important to ensure that adult supervision is in place especially when we are talking about water. It’s always best to be safe and while children love interacting with their hands they also love interacting with their mouths so keep an eye out on them.

What products are available for Sand and water play?

We actually created a great resource. We are always looking for other great ideas to help children’s development. So if you’ve got any ideas please comment below.

Final Thoughts

We will keep updating this list when we find amazing and fun sand and water tables that are perfect for children and toddlers. There are many benefits from children interacting with natural elements such as water and sand and provide great safe sensory exposure that can provide development benefits while growing.

Often not realising it, children interacting with each other and natural elements can help improve balance, speech skills and coordination providing a great platform to get succeed.


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