UK’s 5 Best Wooden Playhouses For Kids 2021 [Review & Compare]

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With summer on the way, one of the best additions to your garden is a range of outdoor kids toys. We’ve put together a list of the best children’s wooden playhouses that would look perfect in the garden.

There’s no better way to encourage children’s sense of adventure while staying within the safety of your garden than a wooden playhouse. Wooden playhouses can offer a great adventure and interaction piece to your garden for your children and your friend’s children.

We offer independent trusted reviews of wooden playhouses that are perfect for kids and have listed 11 of the best outdoor wooden playhouses that we could find online along with the pros and cons of each playhouse.

Although we have included some links above, you will want to have a read of our article, it may answer questions you have on what’s the best to buy.

We’ve selected 5 of the best wooden playhouses and listed them below

Evermeadow House Wooden Playhouse
Redwood Mansion Wooden Playhouse with Floor
big game hunters evermeadow house wooden playhouse (playhouse)
big game hunters 6 x 5 redwood mansion wooden playhouse with floor - painted with letterbox
Price not available
Evermeadow House Wooden Playhouse
big game hunters evermeadow house wooden playhouse (playhouse)
Redwood Mansion Wooden Playhouse with Floor
big game hunters 6 x 5 redwood mansion wooden playhouse with floor - painted with letterbox
Price not available

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1. Waltons Wooden Garden Playhouse 4FT

waltons wooden garden playhouse 4ft x 4ft

The Waltons Est 1878 wooden outdoor playhouse measures 4ft x 4ft and is the perfect single storey starter outdoor playhouse for children. The playhouse wooden structure is built from PEFC certified timber which has been pre-treated with a 10-year anti-rot guaranteed solution that provides weathering protection and makes this wooden playhouse suitable for most gardens in the UK.

This wooden garden playhouse has been EN-71 certified, the standard European safety standard testing certification that provides peace of mind that this playhouse is made to be safe and to last.

A range of safety features included with this outdoor playhouse includes added smooth planed cladding that is smoothed and rounded to reduce the risk of splintering wood. Windows that are shatterproof due to the styrene windows that are strong and durable, with sash framing to stop the windows falling out or becoming loose. Child-friendly doors prevent little fingers from getting trapped in small gaps.

The structure is strong and constructed using 12mm interlocking tongue and groove cladding. Quality roof felt is included to prevent rot and damage from the rain/water damage and the overhanging roof ensures complete protection when built.

With the Waltons garden outdoor 4×4 playhouse the pre-treated wood is considered a base coat. This means that you will need to paint the playhouse or provide an additional seal for a long-lasting outdoor playhouse.


  • Smooth wooden cladding for safety.
  • Pre-treated 10-year basecoat wood.
  • Child-friendly doors
  • EN-71 Certified
  • Child-friendly hardened windows.
  • Roof felt for protections
  • Paint/customise to personal style.


Additional protection coat (paint or sealer needed.)

What we like:

Child-friendly doors and windows on the wooden playhouse give the added safety you need. Comes with pre-treated wooden panels but will need a colourful coat of paint to ensure it lasts.

2. Small Evermeadow Outdoor Playhouse

big game hunters evermeadow house wooden playhouse (playhouse)

Recommended Age: 3 to 8 years old. But has been certified safe for 18 months +

The Evermeadow Wooden Playhouse from Big Game Hunters, a reputable outdoor toy retailer in the UK is perfect for all garden sizes.

A simple to slot together design makes for quick assembly for anyone. The wood is supplied is thick and durable Fir.

There are two windows one on the front adjacent to the door and one on the side of the playhouse so allow in maximum light.

This wooden playhouse has child-safe perspex windows and the door can be opened easily from the inside and from the outside so your child can feel safe.

While the playhouse is the perfect simple wooden playhouse for kids there are some drawbacks. The wood needs to be protected with a sealer and you will want to buy some felt to place on the top of the playhouse to stop any water from leaking inside.

Follow these steps and you will have a perfect little playhouse for the garden that we expect to last a long time.

Where can you buy felt for a wooden playhouse? – eBay or Amazon is a great place to buy felt cheap. It’s not hard to apply either.


  • Thick Fir wooden panels
  • Child-friendly perspex windows.
  • Child-friendly doors
  • EN-71 Certified
  • Price!
  • Paint/customise to personal style.


  • Needs a protective coat applied
  • Needs felt for the roof
  • The floor is not included in price.

What we like: The price, there will be some additional work to protect it but with this playhouse being easy to assemble and cheap, it’s a great addition to the garden for summer.

3. Off The Ground Wooden Tower Playhouse With Slide

billyoh bunny max tower childrens wooden playhouse - including slide 4x4

The BillyOh Bunny Tower is an off the ground, wooden playhouse on stilts. That’s probably the best way we can describe this fantastic playhouse.

Perfect for medium or large gardens this playhouse will surely inspire children and encourage them to spend more time outdoors within the safety of the garden without much worry.

You can customise the playhouse by painting it in your children’s favourite colour, most playhouses just come with a base coat and you are free to leave it as natural as possible as it’s pre-treated. We do advise you apply a base coat to any wood made playhouse you buy for added protection

The apex roof comes with green felt included so you can be confident that it will not incur any leaks or suffer from weathering once it’s constructed.

Construction of the BillyOh Bunny Tower is definitely intermediate level in requirements but fun none the less. We advise you to put the wooden playhouse on concrete slabs to stop it sinking into the ground.

The added climbing steps make this playhouse an absolute adventure for children, coupled with a slide that can be fitted to any side depending on the layout of your garden this wooden tower playhouse definitely impresses us.


  • Thick and strong durable wood
  • Slide, ladder and floor included in the price!
  • EN-71 Certified
  • Paint/customise to personal style
  • Felt and apex roof included


  • Construction time will be lengthy

What we like: It’s a reasonably priced wooden playhouse with additional features take it to a new level. Slide – check. Stilts – check. You get the idea.

4. Redwood Mansion Wooden Playhouse With Floor

big game hunters 6 x 5 redwood mansion wooden playhouse with floor - painted with letterbox

If you’re looking for an adorable wooden playhouse that’s perfect for small children then the 5ft by 5ft Redwood Mansion is the perfect addition to the garden.

Made from thick Fir wood this structure provides maximum strength and durability. There are some unique magical features such as the circular window, unique chimney box and a chalkboard plaque that you can name this playhouse for your kids.

A mini window flower box finishes off the adorable playhouse perfectly. The wood is pre-painted and treated and there’s a floor included so once it’s constructed there’s little additional work to be done.

WIth magnetic catches, on the windows and doors, they will stay closed in high winds providing safety and protection from the elements.

Styrene windows are fitted on the wooden redwood playhouse for safety and there’s a large internal space making this playhouse suitable for 18 months +


  • Thick and strong durable Fir wood
  • Many additional unique features
  • EN-71 Certified
  • Safety is top-notch


  • Premium price

What we like: We love the unique features, A perfect wooden playhouse for small children. Windows and doors that open with ease, a letterbox and window flower planter just add to its charm.

5. Large Two-Storey 8ft x 6ft Wooden Playhouse

waltons est. 1878 8x6 wooden garden two storey playhouse for kids. shiplap construction, dip treated with 10 year anti rot guarantee - includes apex roof, felt and floor, safety styrene windows (8 x 6 / 8ft x 6ft) 3-5 day delivery

This wooden playhouse is massive and we’ve put it in the list because there are really no limits when it comes to kids imagination. Although this playhouse isn’t for everyone and comes in quite expensive it’s too good not to be included.

Made from thick 12mm wood cladding with a 10-year anti-rot it comes pre-treated but it’s advised to paint it to your own preference.

EN-71 certified and shatterproof styrene windows included, you can rest assured this is a safe piece of equipment for children of the ages 3 years +.

Featuring Georgian style windows and two floors with a ladder giving easy access to a bannister protected upper floor this wooden playhouse is massive.


  • Thick 12mm wood cladding
  • Many additional unique features
  • EN-71 Certified
  • Safety is top-notch
  • Two storeys with safety bannister
  • Plenty of room


  • Premium price

What we like: What’s not to like, it’s the perfect large wooden playhouse for the garden. With 2 storeys it looks absolutely fantastic when painted.

What To Look For In A Wooden Playhouse

When you’re looking to purchase a wooden playhouse, there are some features that you should be looking out for to ensure that your outdoor playhouse is fit to last for years to come.

Are the wood panels on the outdoor playhouse treated or painted?

The best step to ensure that the outdoor playhouse for kids is going to last well into the future is to make sure that the wooden panels that join to form the structure of the playhouse are well treated, sealed and painted.

When wood is treated or painted it seals the panel and ensures waterproof protection. This treatment eliminates the possibility of weather damage to the playhouse structure which ensures lasting fun and enjoyment for years.

Is there roof protection on the kids’ wooden playhouse?

The most prone to damage area of a wooden playhouse is the roof, that’s because it’s the section that is most affected by weathering, especially rain. So how do you protect your outdoor playhouse?

The best way to ensure the protection of the wooden playhouse roof is to check to make sure that there’s a form of roof protection included in the package. Usually, protection is in the form of green felt surface material that provides the best water protection to ensure the long-lasting life of your wooden playhouse.

Check If The Playhouse Wooden Floor Is Included

It may seem strange at first but quite often when buying a wooden playhouse you may notice that you either have two options. Buy with a wooden floor or buy without a wooden floor.

The reason for these options is that unfortunately, it’s an added cost to include a wooden playhouse floor when sometimes it’s not needed. An example of it not being needed would be that there’s already one in place, or it’s being placed on a concrete base.

If you’re placing the wooden playhouse on a grassy surface then we would definitely suggest purchasing a floor for the outdoor playhouse if it’s not already included.

Wooden Playhouse Safety Certification

Every outdoor playhouse has to pass certain safety certification tests to be sold within the UK and European Union. These tests ensure that the wooden outdoor playhouse is suitable for the age range recommended and that the structure is fit for purpose. Most wooden playhouses are tested against what’s called the EN-71 safety certification, It’s the same certification that is used to test most all outdoor toys such as trampolines and swing sets.

Always make sure that the wooden playhouse mentions being EN certified, EN-71 certified or have a mention of being safety passed to avoid buying a defective product.

Are the playhouse windows child safe?

The windows of the outdoor playhouse should feature a child-safe material but be strong enough not to be damaged by weather elements such as rain or wind.

Most windows on outdoor children’s playhouses will be made of hardened plastic, not glass. Glass can pose a safety risk if it was to accidentally shatter or smash. The hardened plastic is made to withstand knocks and wind which will keep your outdoor playhouse safe and secure.

Advantages Of A Wooden Playhouse

While wooden playhouses are often more expensive than plastic or other types of outdoor playhouses they do offer benefits over other types.

Wooden playhouses look better in the garden. There’s no denying that an outdoor wooden playhouse is more aesthetically pleasing than plastic playhouses and stand out in a good way.

They weigh more than plastic playhouses. With wooden playhouses weighing more, they are less likely to suffer damage from high winds or weathering during the winter months.

Stronger and safer. Wood is a lot thicker and stronger than plastic, meaning your children are safe when using a wooden playhouse. The strong structure means that the wooden playhouse is going to last a lot longer than other outdoor playhouses.

Wooden Playhouse FAQ

For What Age Is A Wooden Playhouse Suitable?

Depending on the size of the playhouse, most are recommended for ages 18 months and over. It’s always advised that adult supervision oversees any activity in the playhouse for added safety. If it’s a large playhouse or a multi-storey / 2 storey playhouse then check the manufacturer age recommendations on the product pages.

Can You Place a Wooden Playhouse On An Uneven Surface?

It’s advised that when setting up the outdoor playhouse that you make sure the structure is built and placed on an even surface. This eliminates the chance of the wooden playhouse toppling or blowing over. It’s an expensive piece of outdoor equipment and you will want to make sure it’s protected from damage.

If you have limited even garden surface then check the specifications and sizes of the wooden playhouse to make sure that you have adequate space to place the structure without it posing a safety risk from uneven ground.

Do You Need To Paint A Wooden Playhouse?

While most come pre-treated or pre-painted for protection there’s nothing stopping you from adding a colourful paint to an outdoor playhouse.

It’s also recommended to ensure that the playhouse is kept in great condition that you ensure the upkeep of the wood and apply a recommended sealer or paint every couple of years. This will protect the wood from weathering and ensure the structures strength and prevent any rot occurring.

Final Thoughts

A wooden playhouse is a great addition to the garden, and there are many options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a small garden playhouse or a large two-storey wooden playhouse there is plenty to choose from.

Just remember to make sure that a floor is included or you have a suitable base. If it’s wood cladding or concrete it’s up to you.

It’s time to have some fun building! best of luck in your construction.

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