UK’s 9 Best Kids Toy Hoover And Cleaning Toys Of 2024 – Review & Comparison

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Kids love to have fun and often simulate what their parents do, it doesn’t matter if you are hoovering, washing the dishes or making dinner. If you’re doing any household chore, then toddlers and young children want to copy the activity.

Every Toy Hoover or Toy Cleaning Trolley in this best list are suitable for between 18 months and 7 years old – check the descriptions. So you’ll find some of the best toy hoovers for toddlers and young children.

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Our top 3 Toy Hoover Vaccum Picks:

Is your child is interested in hoovering? Then you would benefit from a toy hoover that works or toy vacuum that works!. They make the perfect household toy.

When kids and children are at their early development stage, they learn by imitating activities people do, most of the time however that’s not safe for young children. Toy hoovers make it safe for kids and children to help with the household chores and the hoovering up.

Household and hoover toys can help develop important childhood skills such as problem-solving, coordination and motor skills while having fun at the same time.

This best toy hoover list features a selection of hoover toys such as the iconic Henry Hoover toy and Innovative Dyson hoover.

1. Casdon Children’s Dyson Ball Hoover Toy

dyson replica toy hoover

The replica Dyson ball hoover toy looks just like the real Dyson hoover, in fact, it’s a direct replica. If you have a real Dyson in your home then the kids will love hoovering up behind you with this Dyson toy hoover. The hoover works albeit only for small pieces of paper and polystyrene balls. Just don’t expect this toy to be able to replace your Dyson and let the kids clean up the bedroom. It simply doesn’t have the power to pick up large items. This toy hoover has a simulated cyclone action feature where coloured balls spin round in the container and really twists and turns like a real Dyson ball hoover.

The Dyson toy hoover is suitable for ages 3+, although many parents have reported that they have purchased it for children of 18 months+ It takes 4 x C batteries and reports say that this can last up to 12 hours of use. You can purchase this hoover toy without batteries or with batteries.

2. Casdon Replica Ball Dyson Hoover Toy

The second replica Dyson ball hoover and vacuum toy is a direct replica of the latest Dyson ball model. It comes in dark grey and purple, featuring a simulated cyclone action mechanism that can twist and turn just like a real Dyson ball hoover. This hoover toy has real suction and can lift small items from the floor with a removable debris holder on the back of the hoover toy. It allows children to experience realistic role-playing scenarios and encourages their imagination, as well as developing coordination and improves social skills. The inside of the cyclone suction section features bright colourful small balls that spin and swirl during use.

This hoover toy is suitable for between 3 years old and 7 years old. It requires 4 x C batteries

3. Casdon Little Helper Dyson Cord-free Handheld Hoover Toy

The Little Helper Cord Free Dyson is an exact replica of the Dyson DC22 which is in the Dyson cord-free vacuum range. This Dyson toy simulates the DC22 exactly and even goes so far as being able to pick up small pieces of paper or poly beads/balls so your kids can become cleaning experts.

The vortex section at the top of the hoover toy imitates the original with coloured beads swirling around when the hoover toy is in use.

The Cadson Cord-free Hoover Toy takes 3 AA batteries and is suitable for ages 6 Months – 3 Years old.

4. Casdon Little Helper Dyson Hottest Vacuum Toy

This Little Helper Dyson Vacuum Toy is a replica of the floor base model of the Dyson range. Featuring a detachable wand with real suction along with the same features as the other models in the best hoover toy list – Imitation spinning vortex with swirling balls and the ability to pick up small pieces of paper.

This vacuum toy requires 4 C batteries and is suitable for 3 Years and up.

5. Little Henry Toy Hoover

The Casdon Numatic Little Henry Toy Vacuum Cleaner is the most popular hoover toy that’s not a replica of a Dyson hoover. Iconic in design this little henry hoover toy stays true to it’s original with the iconic colour scheme copied straight over.

Featuring a black and red design with ‘henry’ firmly displayed on top this little henry hoover toy is an exact replica just scaled down to be more child-friendly. The hoover toy cord and plug reel in and out and the hoover toy itself is functional and allows children to put the toy into action and pick up small pieces of paper and poly beads.

The poly beads or paper are easily removed and quick to empty due to the easy to access removable drawer in the back of the henry hoover replica toy.

This hoover toy is suitable for ages 3 Years up to 7 Years old.

6. Red Casdon 630 Henry Cleaning Trolley Toy

While we’ve previously listed some great toy hoovers there are some great fun cleaning trolleys available aswell. Children love to get stuck in and simulate whatever their parents are doing so we just love these cleaning trolley toys.

The Cadson 630 Henry Cleaning Trolley is eye-catching with a bright red and black colour design, iconic of the original henry the hoover. The wonderful cleaning trolley set includes henry branded accessories such as the Henry Mop, Henry dustpan, Henry Brush.

All items can be removed and used then put back on to the trolley cleaning toy making is a great pretend cleaning toy for children. The Henry 630 cleaning toy trolley is suitable for ages 3 Years up.

7. Pink Casdon 630 Hetty Cleaning Trolley Toy

There is another version of the Casdon 630 Cleaning Trolley which just differs in name and colour. Featuring a bright pink design the Hetty is a more girl-friendly design of the original Henry cleaning trolley. It has the same appliances and accessories as the Red 630 such as the Hetty branded mop and dustpan.

The Hetty Casdon Cleaning Trolley Toy is suitable for ages 3 + Years old.

8. Deluxe Cleaning Henry Hoover Toy Trolley

The Casdon Delux Henry Cleaning Trolley toy is very similar to the previous cleaning trolley, still with the Henry hoover iconic bright red and black design but because this is the deluxe version it features the Henry Hoover toy also.

The Deluxe Henry Hoover Cleaning Trolley Toy is suitable for ages 3 Years old + and requires 3 x AA batteries.

9. Deluxe Cleaning Hetty Hoover Toy Trolley

The Hetty Hoover Toy Trolley Deluxe version features all the accessories of the Hetty Cleaning Trolley but with the added Hetty Hoover Toy included with everything. The Deluxe Hetty Toy has the same colourful pink design and branded accessories such as the Hetty mop toy, hetty dustpan toy for toddlers. It’s a wonderful cleaning trolley that allows kids to get involved in household chores and help parents out.

The Deluxe Hetty Hoover Cleaning Trolley Toy is suitable for ages 3 Years old + and requires 3 x AA batteries.

What To Look For In A Kids Toy Hoover?

When you’re looking for the perfect kid’s toy hoover there are some things you should be looking out for. The first is what age are you buying for and what age is the toy hoover suitable for. If you’re purchasing a kids hoover toy that recommends an older age then please check the description for signs of small or removable parts that could be included.

Check the size of the hoover toy and the weight as your child could struggle to hold the toy hoover up or if the toy is too large it could fall and hurt a child.

How Much Do Toy Hoovers Cost?

Toy Hoovers are reasonably priced and range from £10 to £40. We’ve listed items available from

Do Toy Hoovers Actually Work?

Yes, most Toy hoovers do actually work, however they don’t work like traditional hoovers. They are capable of picking up small pieces of torn paper or poly beads/balls that either come with the toy hoover or can be purchased separately. Most toy hoovers in this best list require batteries that provide the suction power but also spin the vortex cylinder of the toy hoover swirling the balls around when in use.

What Are The Benefits Of Toy Hoovers For Kids

Toy Hoovers and Toy Household items allow children to simulate what parents do, it develops their balance skills as they have to move while also controlling a safe item and coordination as children have to use the toy hoover while avoiding objects in the home. Great at promoting problem-solving and social skills while children interact with others when using the toys.

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