5 UK’s Best Toddler Trampolines For [2020]

This post contains affiliate links. As an Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. You can read our full disclosure here.
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. You can read our full disclosure here.

I’ve put together a list of the best toddler and kids mini trampolines available today. What’s great is that I managed to find trampolines from some of your kids favourite tv shows!

From an adorable pink Peppa Pig mini kids trampoline to a Paw Patrol Marshall design and a blue Thomas the Tank Engine toddler trampoline included in my Best toddler trampoline 2019 list.

Most parents agree that getting their children active is one of the best ways to help early development. It can impact your child in a number of ways, it can help strengthen your kid’s muscles, increase speech development from an early age and allow children to have fun in a safe environment.

I recently wrote an article on the topic of trampoline benefits for kids. If you’re interested you should check it out.

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All the toddler trampolines we discuss can be used indoors or outside in the garden, but to ensure durability, once finished in the garden bring them inside. Introduce your child to the benefits of exercise early and watch them grow.

Finding The Perfect Small Trampoline For Kids

I’m confident that you will find the perfect toddler trampoline for your child here. I’ve listed kids trampolines with handles and toddler trampolines with bars in the hope that one of these might be the perfect indoor trampoline for kids you’re looking for.

This might be important to anyone searching, but check the specifications of each trampoline as some may be foldable kids trampolines while others may have to be stored as-is.

Galt Toys Nursery Trampoline

galt toddler trampoline
The tortoise galt toddler trampoline
  • Easy assemble trampoline
  • Well designed and colourful
  • Soft grip handlebars
  • Non-slip trampoline feet
  • Max User weight 20 KG
  • Not suitable for 3+ Ages

The Galt Toddler Trampoline is a fun children’s trampoline that features a unique and eye-catching tortoise design, it’s a fun looking trampoline that will certainly appeal to children; a tortoise head features up the handlebars of the trampoline and a funky tortoiseshell design that makes up the surrounding padding which adds extra safety for your toddler.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use this trampoline is perfect at encouraging coordination development and strengthening balance and stability. The mini trampolines steel handle and legs can be detached for easy storage.

What age is the Galt Toddler Trampoline suitable?

This mini toddler trampoline is recommended for ages 12 months – 36 months (1 – 3 years old) however we have seen reports of it being suitable for 9 months +, of course, this is with appropriate adult supervision. The manufacturer recommends ages 3+ but it will be suitable for the ages we’ve stated, always ensure adult supervision on any trampoline.

The trampoline is listed as holding a maximum weight of 20 KG or 44 lbs.

galt nursery trampoline
Galt Nursery Trampoline box and packaging.

What assembly is required?

Two-person assembly is recommended, you will need to attach the legs and handlebar to the trampoline once it is delivered. Instructions manuals are included that list the steps in English, French, Italian, and Spanish.

The steel legs and frame is powder coated which means that putting the trampoline together is a bit harder as it makes joining the steel tubes tougher due to how tight they fit. Fear not although this increases the protection of the trampoline and the fit ensures maximum stability.

Galt Toddler Trampoline specifications

The trampoline delivered weighs 3.5 KG and the dimensions are 50 cm x 14.3 cm x 41 cm packed – What does this mean you ask? well, when assembled the trampoline sits 60 cm from the floor to the top of the handle and features a 70 cm diameter frame.

A Cheap Kids Trampoline

The Galt Nursery Trampoline is one of the cheapest toddler trampolines I came across on my search.

Peppa Pig Pink Trampoline

peppa pig toddler trampoline
The Peppa Pig Toddler Trampoline
  • Easy assemble trampoline
  • Vibrant and fun design
  • Soft grip handlebars
  • Non-slip trampoline feet
  • Great Price
  • Does not fold away for easy storage
  • Not suitable for 3+ Ages

The indoor Peppa Pig Pink Trampoline is the perfect first-time trampoline for toddlers who just love the mummy & daddy pig family. This trampoline exclusively features Peppa Pig on the trampoline front-facing handlebars, comes designed in pink, making it one of the few pink trampolines available. The mini trampoline is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, featuring a low to the ground structure that ensures safety is at the top of the priority list with a padded mat to ensure ultimate security. This toddler trampoline is perfect at developing balance, coordination, and stability for young users.

What age is the Peppa Pig trampoline suitable?

This mini toddler trampoline is suitable for ages 12 months +. The manufacturer specifications say that it is suitable for 12 months – 18 years old, we think this might be a mistype and don’t recommend letting a child that is over 3 years old use this trampoline. In fact, reviews on this trampoline say that it really isn’t suitable for a child over the ages of 3 years as the trampoline itself is quite small.

peppa pig toddler trampoline box
Peppa Pig Trampoline box and packaging.

What assembly is required?

The trampoline has mixed suggestions on the assembly, we recommend at least two people to build this trampoline to ensure that it is stable and safe. There are some reports of it being wobbly but that seems to be when the trampoline is not put together correctly. Ensure instructions are followed.

Peppa Pig Toddler Trampoline Specifications

The mini kid’s trampoline is delivered weighing 2.6 KG and the product dimensions are 58 cm x 58 cm x 65 cm. Nonslip rubber feet to ensure the trampoline doesn’t slip and a soft easy to grip handle ensures giggles and fun all day long.

You can read our in-depth review and complete look at our Peppa Pig Toddler trampoline

Thomas The Tank Engine Toddler Trampoline

thomas the tank toddler trampoline
The Thomas and Friends toddler trampoline
  • Thomas the Tank vibrant design
  • Soft grip handlebars
  • Easy assemble trampoline
  • Non-slip trampoline feet
  • Great Price
  • Not suitable for 3+ Ages

This striking blue Thomas the Tank and Friends toddler trampoline is both cute and fun. It features Thomas front and centre of the design which will appeal to any little boy or girl who just loves Thomas the Tank. The Thomas trampoline is blue in colour, Thomas the tank reaches from the handlebars to the start of the frame. It features a padded surround for extra safety, a soft grip handle that means stability, low to the ground with non-slip rubber feet that will put any parents mind at ease.

This trampoline is perfect to help develop little one’s coordination, strengthen muscles and improve balance and stability.

What age is the Thomas the Tank Toddler trampoline suitable?

The recommended age for this trampoline is 12 months +. It has the same dimensions of the Peppa Pig trampoline so we would recommend from ages 12 months to 36 months. (1 – 3 years) as a suitable age range.

What assembly is required?

The Thomas the tank toddler trampoline requires at least two people to build the trampoline, the joints on this trampoline are quite stiff and needs a fair bit of strength to ensure they are inserted correctly. Ask a friend to help!

Thomas the Tank Toddler Trampoline Specifications

The Thomas the Tank Trampoline comes in a box that weighs 2.6 KG and lists dimensions of 58 cm x 58 cm x 60 cm. Featuring non-slip durable feet, a soft grip-friendly handlebar and a padded safety mat to ensure safety and peace of mind.

Paw Patrol Toddler Trampoline

paw patrol toddler trampoline
The Paw Patrol Marshall Indoor Toddler Trampoline
  • Paw Patrol Marshall front of design
  • Soft grip handlebars
  • Non-slip trampoline feet
  • Easy assemble trampoline
  • Great Price
  • Not suitable for 3+ Ages

The Par Patrol Marshall indoor trampoline is striking in design with Marshall firmly featured on the front of the trampoline along with a very unique coloured safety padding mat that will entice any Paw patrol fan. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, comes with a soft-grip handle and ideal to help develop a youngsters balance and coordination.

The Paw Patrol mini kids trampoline features a low to the ground design for extra safety.

What age is the Paw Patrol mini trampoline suitable?

The Paw Patrol toddler trampoline is suitable for ages 12 months to 36 months (1 to 3 years.)

paw patrol marshall trampoline box and packaging
The Paw Patrol Mini Trampoline box and packaging.

What assembly is required?

Comes with an easy to assemble badge, we recommend at least two people to put together the steel frame as it the powder-coated steel does make it a tight fit so it may be tough for just once person to construct the trampoline.

Paw Patrol Marshall toddler trampoline specifications

The trampoline comes delivered in a 2.6 KG box, it’s dimensioning come in at 58 cm x 58 cm x 65 cm. The Paw Patrol Marshall kids trampoline features an easy-grip soft handle, safety padding mat and a low to the ground design for safety and ease of mind.

Best Toddler Trampoline and Mini Kids Trampoline questions.

  • What age are toddler trampolines suitable?
  • What TV shows have kids trampolines?
  • How much weight can a toddler trampoline hold?
  • How do you take care of a toddler trampoline?
  • How much do toddler trampolines cost?
  • How safe are toddler trampolines?

What age are toddler trampolines suitable?

Toddler trampolines and mini trampolines are aimed at the age range of 12 months +, although we have had users reply to us that their 9 month old has been having a blast on the trampoline under the supervision of a parent and loves bouncing and giggling away. We recommend that toddler trampolines are suitable for the ages of 12 months to 36 months, or 1 to 3 years old. Once a toddler starts to hit 4 years old you may want to invest in a larger indoor trampoline with a small enclosure to ensure safety as these small indoor trampolines may start to lift under the weight of a 4 year old and become unsafe.

What kids TV shows have trampolines?

We’ve found trampolines for your kids favourite tv shows, here we have listed a Peppa Pig toddler trampoline, Paw Patrol Marshall toddler trampoline and Thomas the tank engine mini-trampoline. When we find more we will list them here. If you find any trampolines from other popular kids tv shows please share them with us.

How much weight can a toddler trampoline hold?

We advise that no toddler trampoline or kids mini trampoline should exceed 20 KG or 44 lbs. This is just over 3 stone in weight, we advise this because when a toddler trampoline starts to exceed this weight you will see the legs of the trampoline lifting off the ground as the child bounces which means that it starts to become unsafe for the child using it.

How do you take care of a toddler trampoline?

The first thing to ensure that the trampoline is maintained correctly is to first ensure that it’s built correctly and is stable. A trampoline that is constructed wrong or not pushed together tightly will start to wear the joints so follow the building instructions carefully.

Check the safety padding and mat regularly to ensure that there are no wear or tears in the material of the trampoline as these can escalate quickly and cause more damage if they go unfixed.

Finally, if you are using the mini trampoline in the garden then please make sure that the trampoline is returned indoors when finished with as weather elements will cause the trampoline to rust and wear a lot quicker than if it was kept inside.

How much do toddler trampolines cost?

A toddler trampoline depending on design and quality will vary in price. You should be looking to spend between £40 and £80 on a quality kids mini-trampoline. Any less than £40 and you will be risking quality and safety. Shop around for the best deals.

How safe are toddler trampolines?

Toddler trampolines come with a number of safety features built-in that lower the risk of accidents before your child has even had their first bounce.

They usually come equipped with a soft grip handlebar – what that means is that it’s a large handle grip that protects the head as it’s foam-padded in case a child bangs their head along with an easy to grip onto handle.

Built low to the ground a toddler trampoline has a low floor clearance, what this means is that the trampoline is not far from the ground this stops tumbles off the trampoline hurting a child or toddler.

Safety padding surround adds extra cushion which protects a child from the springs that make up the structure of the trampoline, padding is a must and stops not only falls but fingers getting caught in the springs.

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