Best Trampoline Tents For All Sizes Of Trampolines UK [2019]

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So you’ve arrived here looking for the best tents for your garden trampoline. With summer fast approaching there’s no better trampoline accessory than the trampoline tent. If you’re new to trampoline tents and unsure what exactly the trampoline tent does or how it looks we’re going to give you a quick introduction to the trampoline tent and what exactly they are.

The Trampoline Tents

Now you’ve been introduced to exactly what a trampoline tent is we will now have a look at the trampoline tents available in the UK.

8 Ft Trampoline Tent Canopy with 6 Poles – Circus Style

8ft trampoline tent circus style
Circular circus style 8ft trampoline tent

10ft Trampoline Tent Canopy with 6 Poles – Circus Style

circus style trampoline tent

This trampoline tent is a great solution for all those who want to enjoy their trampoline, it comes in two sizes that we managed to find, the 8ft trampoline with enclosure tent and the 10ft trampoline with enclosure tent.

It’s a fantastic looking trampoline tent with added benefits while its design stops leaves and debris from coming onto the jumping mat ensuring you have a clean and safe trampoline, it means less hassle cleaning and clearing leaves and debris. What’s not to love about that?

This circular style circus tent fits over the trampoline and trampoline enclosure to provide an amazing unique bouncing experience, perfect to cool down the little ones in the beaming sunshine or to provide a nice warm shelter on those overcast days when your children just insist on heading out to the garden for one last shot on the trampoline.

This 8ft tent and 10ft tent are designed to go over the top of an 8ft trampoline with an enclosure or a 10ft trampoline with an enclosure, so you do not have to remove the trampoline enclosure to put the tent on. Something that you often have to do with other trampoline tents.

Ths circular style circus trampoline tent is designed in bright and vibrant colours that the kids will love, made from polyester taffeta with strong fibreglass poles for that extra canopy support, screen mesh covers go across the windows that provide great airflow in the summer heat to ensure no overheating of the children while playing.

The circus-style circular tent is advertised as ‘showerproof’ not waterproof, what this means that it should not be left on during heavy rainstorms of thunderstorms. It’s easy to put on and easy to take off. It’s suitable for trampoline enclosure heights of 166 cm.

Will this trampoline tent fit my trampoline?

The circular circus-style trampoline tent is made to fit a 6 pole trampoline with straight enclosure poles. It will not sit right or fit on a trampoline with enclosure that has either more than 6 poles or a trampoline with a curved enclosure. The enclosure of your trampoline needs to be straight. See below for an example.

trampoline tent
Straight pole trampoline with 6 pole enclosure.

The circular style circus tent that comes in the 8ft trampoline size or the 10ft trampoline size is made to fit this style of the trampoline. Notice the number of poles. 6. It will not fit trampolines with 8 or 10 poles as there will not be enough material to fit over the enclosure. The trampoline must also have straight enclosure poles and not the curve poles that are quite the trend in new design trampolines.

Will the trampoline tent fit other style trampolines?

The following style of trampoline enclosures is not suitable for the circus-style circular trampoline tent. It’s advisable that you do not purchase either of the 8ft trampolines with enclosure tent or the 10ft trampoline with enclosure tent to fit either style of these trampolines.

plum trampoline tent
Step curved trampoline enclosure
Plum 3g trampoline tent
Curved 3G plum trampoline enclosure.

Trampoline tent compatible list

We have tried to put a unique compatible list for the Circus style tent to help buyers be aware of what type of trampoline the tent will fit. If you see a mistake or know of any other trampoline manufacturer’s that should be added in the YES list or the NO list then let us know below in the comments.

Yes, this trampoline tent will fit;

  • Ultrasport 8ft garden trampoline (6 Poles)
  • Ultrasport 10ft trampoline with enclosure (6 Poles)
  • Zupapa 8ft garden trampoline (6 Poles)
  • Zupapa 10ft trampoline with enclosure (6 Poles)
  • Greenbay 8ft premium trampoline (6 Poles)
  • Greenbay 10ft premium garden trampoline (6 Poles)
  • Ultrapower Sports 8ft trampoline with enclosure (6 Poles)
  • Ultrapower Sports 10ft trampoline with enclosure (6 Poles)
  • Plum 8ft galvanized steel trampoline with enclosure (6 Poles)
  • Plum 10ft galvanized steel trampoline with enclosure (6 Poles)
  • CZON Sports 8ft trampoline with enclosure (6 Poles)
  • CZON Sports 10ft trampoline with enclosure (6 Poles)
  • PlayActive 8ft trampoline with enclosure (6 Poles)
  • PlayActive 10ft trampoline with enclosure (6 Poles)

No, this trampoline tent will not fit;

  • Sportspower Pro 8ft Trampoline with enclosure
  • Sportspower Pro 10ft Trampoline with enclosure
  • Kanga 8ft premium trampoline with enclosure
  • Kanga 10ft premium trampoline with enclosure
  • Zero Gravity 8ft trampoline with enclosure
  • Zero Gravity 10ft trampoline with enclosure
  • Rebo Jumpzone 8ft trampoline with enclosure
  • Rebo Jumpzone 10ft trampoline with enclosure
  • Plum premium 8ft trampoline with 3G enclosure
  • Plum premium 10ft trampoline with 3G enclosure
  • Elightry 8ft trampoline with enclosure
  • Elightry 10ft trampoline with enclosure
  • JumpKing 8ft trampoline with enclosure
  • Jumpking 10ft trampoline with enclosure

What Are Trampoline Tents?

Trampoline tents are tents that you equip on top of your garden trampoline. Quite often colourful in design and appealing to children, the trampoline tent attaches over your garden trampoline to build a fun clubhouse style tent on top of your trampoline. Kids love trampoline tents and they can be a fun addition to your garden trampoline.

What Size Are Trampoline Tents?

Trampoline tents come in a range of different sizes. If you’ve already got a garden trampoline with enclosure then you’ll be on the lookout for a specific size of trampoline tent. Please be aware that not all trampoline tents fit all types of trampolines and quite often you will need a trampoline that has straight poles not curved poles for the trampoline tent to fit over correctly and to ensure that it is stable and secure.

You can purchase trampoline tents for 6ft trampolines, 8ft trampolines, 10ft trampolines, 12ft trampolines and up to usually the maximum size of 14ft trampolines.

How to decide what trampoline tent is right?

Firstly when deciding what type of tent is right for you as there are a number of different style tents on the market. You need to know what style of trampoline tent would be ideal for your kids. The most popular of the styles available are the circus-style tent which is bright and colourful that will appeal to mostly to younger children. The other main style of tents available in the traditional camping style tent which allows sleeping and camping in the garden on top of the trampoline tent – this style usually has to be attached without the trampoline enclosure being attached.

Thanks for checking out our Best trampoline tents list for 2019. We will continue to update it as we reach out to more trampoline tent retailers.

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