Best Trampolines From Kids TV Shows UK [2019]

This post contains affiliate links. As an Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. You can read our full disclosure here.
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. You can read our full disclosure here.

There’s no denying the power of children’s TV shows, not only do they seem to be on all the time, toddlers and small children just love the characters that show up on the box. We took note of this trend especially with trampolines as it seems there are a few trampolines for toddlers that are designed and licensed from kids TV shows.

On this post, we are going to have a look at the most popular trampolines from your kid’s favourite TV shows. We don’t promise that we have every show covered but if you find a kids TV show themed trampoline that’s not listed then please let us know in the comments below.

Paw Patrol Marshall Trampoline

Save the day with Marshall and his puppy pals on today’s Paw Patrol, I bet you’ve heard that a lot. Well, now your child can enjoy Paw Patrol in bounce format. Introducing the new Paw Patrol Marshall Trampoline for 2019.

Paw Patrols Marshall’s a dalmatian that’s all action and we’ve got all action here in the Marshall inspired Paw Patrol trampoline.

paw patrol trampoline
Paw Patrol Marshall Trampoline

Delivered in a very Paw Patrol themed box, with Marshall and puppy pals the Paw Patrol trampoline is licensed from Nickelodeon and manufactured by Worlds Apart. Easy to assemble and non-slip trampoline feet are listed as features as well as a soft grip handle and safety padding.

paw patrol trampoline
Paw Patrol Marshall Trampoline

The Paw Patrol Marshall trampoline features a bright and vibrant design that’s ideal for young kids. Who wouldn’t want a Paw Patrol trampoline if it looks like this!

Thomas the Tank Engine Trampoline

Well, bust my buffers! it’s Thomas, and he’s not alone. He’s brought his friends and his very own kids TV show themed trampoline. That’s right, you can now buy your child his or her favourite TV character’s own trampoline. The perfect gift for a birthday or Christmas present for any avid Thomas the Tank Engine fan.

thomas the tank trampoline
Thomas the Tank Engine Trampoline

The Thomas the Tank Engine trampoline is bright and colourful, features Thomas front and center and is uniquely designed, this trampoline will appeal to any fan of Thomas the Tank Engine TV show.

It features non-slip feet, a soft grip handlebar and low to the ground clearance for added safety so you can rest assured it’s the perfect choice of trampoline if your kids just love Thomas the Tank Engine.

thomas the tank trampoline
Thomas the Tank Trampoline with listed features

Peppa Pig Trampoline

I’m Peppa Pig! *Snort*, I love muddy puddles! That’s right, we’ve had Thomas and Paw Patrol. The last Kids TV show themed or inspired trampoline we managed to find is the Peppa Pig Trampoline. In fact, we did a more in-depth review of the Peppa Pig trampoline here if you’re interested.

peppa pig trampoline box design
Peppa Pig Trampoline

The Peppa Pig themed trampoline comes delivered in a bright and pastel coloured designed box, much like the colours of the Peppa Pig TV show. It’s fun and will appeal to any Peppa Pig TV show fan. The box features both Peppa Pig and George.

Featuring an easy to assemble sticker on the box, that’s just one of the features if you’re on the lookout for a Peppa Pig trampoline. The trampoline comes with a safety mat included, low to the ground clearance, non-slip trampoline feet, and a soft easy grip handle. It’s the perfect gift for any Peppa Pig TV show fan.

peppa pig trampoline
Peppa Pig TV show inspired Trampoline

Other TV Show Trampolines?

That’s all folks, well not quite. We reached out and asked what other TV show inspired kids trampolines would you be interested in buying. We had some replies from our Facebook groups.

Here’s our top list of the trampolines you would like to see for your children. If you’d like to add your own suggestion or have found a trampoline that we can link to that’s available already and we have just missed it – we do make mistakes. Honest, help us out and share it in the comments.

  • Bob the Builder Trampoline and Toys
  • Dora the Explorer Trampoline and Toys
  • Pocoyo Trampoline and Toys
  • Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood Trampoline and Toys
  • Word Party Trampoline and Toys
  • Tumble Leaf trampoline and Toys
  • Octonauts Trampoline and Toys
  • Sesame Street Trampoline and Toys

We will be on the lookout for more Kids TV show themed trampolines. If you spot one let us know and get involved.

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