The Ultimate Trampoline Buyers Guide UK [2020]

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Buying a new or used trampoline can be a difficult decision, It gets you thinking – which is the best trampolines for my child’s age? will it still be as good as it was when new say, in 1 or even 3 years? and what’s the best kind of trampoline for my garden? or can i even fit a trampoline in my garden?

We’re going to try and answer some of these questions in our unique trampoline buyers guide. If you would like anything added to this guide you can do so by submitting a comment on the bottom of this page.

Trampolines by size?
If you’ve landed on this buyers guide by know what you’re looking for you can navigate to the right and see what trampolines are available or just have a look at our most popular trampolines we have found such as the 8ft trampolines range, 10ft trampolines or the 12ft garden trampolines. If you aren’t looking for garden trampolines we also list popular deals for toddler trampolines or trampoline accessories such as trampoline tents. If you want to know more about what’s involved in buying and setting up a trampoline keep reading this guide.

Introduction to our guide

It’s our goal to ensure that you are aware of both great deals and savings, but also aware of quality retailers so you can make the best decision for your family. Nothing is more important than the safety of your children that is why we only recommend the best in build quality accompanied by a reasonable price. Not to mention that our discounts and offers available for various trampoline purchases lower that price even further! It pays to shop around, luckily we have you covered.

The buyer’s guide aims to explain everything you could possibly need to know about trampolines, from different sizes to parts and accessories. With many deals available such as free delivery on trampolines, money off vouchers and discount codes on a variety of trampolines there is no other place to look!

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Buying a trampoline

If you’re on the search for a garden trampoline you need to pay attention to the size first off, will it fit in your garden for example? the quality – does it have an all-weather guarantee? and for how long? and also the delivery of the trampoline – is it available to be delivered to your area code or is delivery with a fee possible? – Be aware sometimes you get stung with high delivery fees if you live on an island or in the Highlands of Scotland for example.

When you are looking for the best trampoline deal in the market, you should take your time. You have to take your time so that you will have the chance to compare prices and features of the trampoline to ensure that it’s suitable for your circumstances. There are tons and tons of trampolines for sale on both the internet and regular brick and mortar shops.

There are numerous online shops offering trampolines for sale. Thus, take your time and do not have to rush into buying. Trampolines are made in various styles, color, and shape. You can find different styles of a trampoline, like the Oval trampolines, Square trampolines, Circle trampolines, and above/underground trampolines, junior or toddler trampolines and of course, all these styles of trampolines come in a variety of sizes from say small or 8ft trampolines with enclosures to 16ft trampolines with enclosures and more!

With the wide range of trampolines available online there are a number of accessories that you will need to consider also such as trampoline tents, ladders, springs, weather covers, and additional enclosures as not all trampolines are sold with the standard trampoline safety enclosure although most come prepackaged together! Just make sure you check it’s included if you want the enclosure as well.

Before making your decision you have to make sure that you have enough knowledge to hunt for the best trampoline you can find. It is best that you understand what size of trampoline you’re looking for and what kind of accessories that you are expecting to either be included or buy additionally.

If you’re landing on this page after recently purchasing a trampoline, why not check out our ultimate trampoline safety guide. We have put together an extremely detailed safety guide to ensure the safe use of your trampoline throughout the summer months and winter!

Great outdoor and garden trampolines

Children are very active so outdoor trampolines are the perfect match. They have gained popularity when it comes to listing the best outdoor toys available for children in both the summer and winter months. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are considered perfect for kids of all ages. Outdoor toys and outdoor activities are some of the best ways for children to enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise while stretching their muscles and trampolines are one of the best ways to encourage your child to want to be outside.

Garden trampolines are typically the most favored recreational outdoor toys for children, as long as safety precautions are followed there is no better alternative.

Outdoor trampolines come in different sizes and purposes. You can choose from several types of trampolines used for different activities. The trampolines for gardens usually start small from 6ft trampolines through 8ft Trampolines, 10ft trampolines, 12ft trampolines, and 14ft trampolines and up to 16ft trampolines.

There are also manufacturers of garden trampolines for preschoolers that usually have the trampoline inside a colorful castle or perhaps a trampoline tent.

Smaller recreational trampolines usually for young children can be portable, whereas the larger ones are usually assembled in a specific location. This type of outdoor trampoline can be seen in gardens, on playgrounds and even in gymnasiums.

Large outdoor trampolines are usually portable but are ideally designed to be put up in one location and removed – disassembled or protected with weather covers in the winter months to help protect the trampoline from rust and wear and tear from snow and rain.

Just like with the other available outdoor trampolines and other outside toys, safety rules apply and needed to be observed at all cost. A few manufacturers build in safety features to the trampolines. One great safety feature is a “bulls-eye” found into the middle of the canvas. This gives your children a signal and awareness of where he is on the trampoline and stays closer to the middle, additionally, trampoline enclosures are used to keep your kids from falling off of the trampoline if in any case of imbalance occurs.

Outdoor trampolines are exciting and prove to be good in providing exercise for children who actually don’t know they are exercising – plus its great fun too.

Water trampolines – something we’ll have a look at in a further extended guide are also ideal for lakeside fun. They also come in handy and are inflatable, portable, floats on the open water.

Trampoline Enclosures

Stop accidents and prevent injuries! We’ve got you covered, certain things have to be kept in mind before trying out the trampoline. It might look fun but there is also an equal risk to it – the risk of falling which could result in serious injuries. So don’t just consider a trampoline on its own – consider a trampoline with a trampoline enclosure as a solution and preventitive measure to stop accidents before they occur.

A trampoline enclosure is also known by the names like safety net or safety enclosure which usually features a net of around six feet tall, attached to upright poles that are bolted on to the frame of the trampoline. Trampolines of round, square, or rectangle designs can be made to fit these enclosures and the net is usually made of soft UV protectant material that allows stretch without losing strength.

The basic question that everyone has to answer before a safety net purchase of safety net is made: “Do I really need it? and the answer is simple, Absolutely! It’s easy to overlook it but it’s your child’s safety.  As published by the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery “70 percent of accidents occurred when there was no protective barrier.” Thus, the barrier net is one of those precautions to serious injuries.

While parents should set rules, a safety net would be a backup plan for other things that could potentially go wrong that has not been covered by the rules set – such as during times when Mom and Dad are not around, therefore an enclosure is a wise addition to the trampoline.

Hospitals have also released information on trampoline injuries where half of all cases involving trampoline accidents where without enclosures. There are moments when jumpers will be colliding with one another and can sometimes be knocked off to the ground, a safety net would break the fall and prevent grave harm that could seriously injure any adult or child.

While there are many enclosures to choose from, it is important to note that there are four major brands of safety enclosures. The Jump Sport with Sundance, Vikon and Airmaster respectively are the top brands and are a good buy.

To encourage peace of mind among family members and loved ones, a trampoline enclosure sure is a necessary addition to your garden trampoline.

Trampoline Pads

Trampolines for children, a good way of having fun and exercising all at the same time. Trampolines are considered fun but are also beneficial for a child’s cardiovascular system. People generally purchase trampolines for different purposes. Some would tend to buy trampolines for health reasons while others are mainly for their kid’s pleasure.

One of the major benefits of trampolines is its ability to train proper balance. This mainly focuses on proper balancing while on the trampoline and helps to develop this skill. Trampoline pads are made to serve as lines of defense – they surround the trampolines hard edges with soft cushioned trampoline pads to ensure your child doesn’t get injured from falling on the trampoline structure. Your children can enjoy trampolines to the fullest when these pads are present. Trampoline pads have become typical these days. The safety nets are also used around the trampolines to ensure absolute safety, the two main types of safety accessories that should always be present on a trampoline purchase are trampoline pads – which are usually always included and a trampoline enclosure.

Trampoline pads come in prominent bright colors to help users’ gauge where they’re supposed to land while on the process of using the trampolines. Often available in a large set of colours and designs, trampoline pads also cover the entire spring area, wrapping up the top edge of the trampoline steel frame. These trampoline pads also vary in quality and size of course depending on the trampoline they are supposed to attach to. The safety pads should be rather elastic and flexible, over and above being robust.

When should you consider new trampoline pads?

When trampoline pads have begun to show signs of wear and tear or if after a couple of uses they appear to be diminishing in quality – such as bounce, then it is time for you to consider replacing with new trampoline safety pads before any injury can occur – trampoline pads are something you should check monthly for quality issues and especially after the winter months have passed if you keep your trampoline outside all year round.

You should always remember not to set aside the quality when buying new pads.  Keep in mind when purchasing new trampolines pads they need to cover the springs and metal frame to ensure the safety of the children using the trampoline. If they don’t cover properly or are of a different size they will not protect as they are designed for.

Good and quality trampoline pads are mostly made of high-density, closed-cell foam materials. This particularly makes the pad to have a shock absorbent effect. You will know exactly if these pads are made of good quality if they are moisture and mildew resistant.

Replacement Trampoline Parts

There are a lot of things to consider when buying the best trampoline for your backyard. Knowing the different parts of your trampoline is the first step that you need to do. Take note of the model and the manufacturing company for a specific trampoline.

If you do not have any idea about the manufacturer and the model type of your trampoline you will need to do it by sizes or dig out the manual. Sizes can be tricky because not all trampolines of the same size have the same parts.

It can be beneficial to you as a trampoline owner if you know which parts can be custom ordered without knowing the manufacturing company and model of your trampoline. You do not have to worry at all. It will be nice if you can name those parts which do not require knowing the manufacturing company. No hassles no worries. Custom orders can make your trampoline repair job an easy one to handle.

If you are looking for a replacement for your trampoline mats you can customize the order from several websites on the internet. All you have to do is provide the manufacturer’s information. You have to give out the diameter of your trampoline. You must also take note the number of spring holes in your trampoline frame so that it would be easier for you to fasten and buckle up your new mat. You have to get the measurements correctly so that the companies can provide you with the correct and well – fitted mat replacement.

You can do custom orders for the springs to be used in your trampoline. You must measure one of your trampoline springs. The measurement should start from one tip to the other tip. Give this information to the website your ordering from.

Safety pads are one of the most important equipment used in the trampoline to provide safe and injury-free experience. If you want to replace your safety pads, you need to know some important specifics. You must obtain a proper and accurate measurement of the diameter of your trampoline. You need to know the diameter which you must measure from the outside part of the frame from one side to another and should be done accurately.

Finding a replacement for your trampoline is an important thing to do when you want to keep your trampoline in a good working condition. It is essential that the trampoline we have in our garden must be strong enough and sturdy enough to withstand the frequent play of the children. Otherwise, the trampoline will not function properly and worst of all it might cause injury. Take note of these important steps in looking for the parts of your trampoline which you think needs replaced.

Injuries and accidents in trampoline are increasing – as garden trampolines have increased in popularity year after year. Thus it is very much necessary that you take extra effort in getting the best safety measures and precautions. Keep your trampoline parts in a good working condition and you will not need to worry about the quality of your trampoline.

Trampoline Tents

What Are Trampoline Tents?

Tents that you equip on top of your garden trampoline. They add an extra fun factor for children as it allows them to create their own small private place sort of like their own den or clubhouse. Trampoline tents still allow for moderate bouncing and can be very exciting for children of all ages. Trampoline tents are safe and often colourful and provide great entertainment for children through the summer months.

What Size Are Trampoline Tents?

Trampoline tents come in a range of different sizes, you can purchase trampoline tents in the accompanying trampoline sizes;

6ft trampoline tent – this is a very small trampoline tent for small children
8ft trampoline tent – one of the most popular trampoline sizes and is designed for young children
10ft trampoline tent – suitable for all ages and is a great size for a trampoline tent
12ft trampoline tent – a big trampoline tent for all ages
14ft trampoline tent – suitable for all ages again but very expensive.

Where Can I Buy A Trampoline Tent?

Trampoline tents are available from a large number of online retailers. Here we’ve put a list of trampoline tents on the market today. Please keep visiting for the updated products.

Cheap Trampolines

Trampolines can be bought at a considerably lower price. There are trampoline models that are made to fit your budget. You will be surprised that cheap trampolines do exist in the market. Companies that produce the device understand every person’s need for a more affordable trampoline. It is an established fact that this instrument offers benefits that are beyond its monetary value.

No amount of money can match our care and concern for our family. But in spite of that, it is still our primary priority to save money for our children’s other needs. Traditionally, the more affordable trampolines are considered substandard products. The truth is that these cheaper trampolines can be cost effective and last for a long time.

Cheap trampolines are they worth it?

The notion that all inexpensive trampolines are poorly made and don’t last has no basis and is certainly not true. But the notion that some cheap trampolines are of low quality and can easily break may be true in some cases. There are known reputable trampoline makers out there that combine workmanship skill and affordability. Such budget trampolines were manufactured in accordance with all the existing safety standards thus you can be assured of a good quality trampoline that guarantee’s the safety of your children or loved ones. Choosing branded budget trampolines is a better step in the sense that they are based on existing standards. They may not be as durable as the more expensive ones but they can last longer especially if they are kept in proper care.

Getting just any cheaper trampoline without considering the brand or the reputation of the trampoline manufacturer may initially give you satisfaction but in the end you will realize that you just wasted time, money and effort. Witnessing personally the breaking or damaging of the trampoline while your child is jumping and bouncing on it is an extremely regretful and an unthinkable situation. If such an event happens, it would mean that the amount of money you saved from buying an unknown cheap trampoline brand is nothing compared to the injury and harm that the equipment caused on your beloved child. Achieving good savings is something that we aspire but getting what we want in exchange for something worse is just so terrible.

People are fortunate these days because there are trampoline companies which offer extremely affordable trampolines but at the same time guarantee quality and safety. An important thing to remember in choosing the cheap trampoline brand that can be trusted is the belief of the brand or company to its own product. This can be seen in manufacturers that offer money back guarantee or warranty to their customers. Such a policy means that the trampoline company indeed tested its own product before making it available in the market, and such a policy only shows the company’s sincerity and honesty to its clients. In addition, reputable brands have survived in the market for some time because they have earned the trust of its patrons. Mediocre and low-quality trampolines come and go because they only offer affordable price but not good and lasting quality.

Trampoline safety nets

Trampoline nets are also known as trampoline enclosures. These are one form of the safety measures that a trampoline owner can install. The trampoline nets are designed to ensure safety to a lot of styles of trampolines. The enclosures are constructed from durable materials. The materials that were used for these trampoline safety nets are made of polyethylene nets and the tubes where the nets anchor are usually made up of zinc.

A lot of injuries occur in the use of trampolines due to lack of safety measures and negligence. One of the best safety measures that a trampoline owner can install is the trampoline safety net. These nets work best in preventing the occurrence of injuries and accidents.

There are two types of safety nets. These two types are the freestanding safety net and an attached safety net. The attached safety net is a lot sturdier. Galvanized metal is used in supporting the rods of the net. The very purpose of this galvanized metal is to prevent corrosion of the metal which prevents the development of rust so in turn stays stronger for longer.

Before buying for your safety net, you need to take into consideration the materials that were used to construct the safety nets. A durable and reliable raw material can define the durability and capability of the trampoline safety net to withstand any weight and harsh elements in the environment.

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