Atom Trampoline Park

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Attention: The Atom Trampoline Park in Reading, Berkshire has closed down and is permanently shut. You can have fun at home although. See our best trampoline lists for: 8ft trampoline.

Readings Atom trampoline park offers an amazing experience for those looking for a fun thrilled afternoon with the kids. Located in Reading, Berkshire – England the trampoline park has many activities for visitors to enjoy from slam dunks hoops to regular trampoline bounce fun.

Offering a professional service and experience you can hire the trampoline park for childrens parties or attend one of their exclusive fitness classes that are held their every week.

You can hop into any open trampoline session throughout the day for an hour of non-stop trampoline bouncing fun or join one of the mini atom parents and kids sessions that is exclusively for children under 7 to bounce in a fun safe environment.

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Atom Trampoline Park In Reading.

Each adult is allowed to be accompanied by a maximum of two children during these sessions to ensure that you are able to provide the best possible experience to everyone who attends.

For those who have special needs, a designated safe area called Atom freedom is available and all carers are invited to bounce for free.

If bouncing endlessly isn’t your thing then you can attent the trampoline fitness classes which aim to work your on your core strength and build up stamina while being fun and entertaining at the same time as providing a hard hitting workout.

Trampolining rasies your heart rate and the team at Atom say that it’s almost twice as effective as going on a run outside. It develops balance and co-ordination for yourng children in an environment which is deemed safe.

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