How Much Weight Can A Trampoline Hold? Explained

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With trampolines gaining popularity and you find the perfect one that’s safe and capable of supporting the weight of your children, I often get asked how much weight can a trampoline hold?

A small toddler trampoline can hold up to 20 KG ( 3 stone 2 lbs). While a mini kids trampoline can hold up to 40 KG (6 Stone 3 lbs). Garden outdoor trampolines can support between 50 KG (7 Stone 9lbs) up to 130 KG (20 Stone 5 lbs).

While that’s the standard it’s not consistent throughout all trampolines, some have lower weight capacities while larger garden trampolines can exceed 130 KG (20 Stone 5 lbs). It really depends on the type of trampoline, the manufacturer of the trampoline and the safety certificate the trampoline meets in testing.

What Weight Can A Trampoline Hold?

Trampoline brands market to the largest possible consumer base so they have it in their interest to ensure that the trampoline is first, safe to use up to a certain weight limit and to ensure that it passes that weight limit during a supervised safety certificate regulation test.

Many trampolines available in the UK are tested against the EN-71 part 14 safety regulations which allow the sale of trampolines in the European Union that pass its rigorous testing setup.

Be aware that not all trampolines are equal especially when it comes to, how much weight does a trampoline hold. A mini kids trampoline is not going to support the weight limit that a 10ft outdoor garden trampoline can support. You should definitely do your own research to ensure that the trampoline is suitable for it’s intended use.

What Factors Decide How Much Weight A Trampoline Can Hold?

There are three main factors that ultimately decide how much weight certain trampolines can hold. These apply to most if not all trampolines and they make up the structure of a trampoline bounce.

The Trampoline Frame

steel trampoline frame
The Kanga 8ft Trampoline Frame

The frame of the trampoline is one of the most important factors in deciding how much weight a trampoline can hold and most trampolines are made from steel.

Often the frame is made from galvanized steel that is extremely strong and durable, hot dipped to provide protection from rust and corrosion. Made not to bend, warp or snap steel is 2.5 times denser than aluminium making it not only strong but heavy which keeps the trampoline securely on the ground.

The Trampoline Springs

trampoline springs
Kanga 8ft Trampoline Springs

Usually made from heavy-duty galvanized steel, the trampoline springs are the working part of the trampoline, they are designed to stretch and contract at an easy bounce.

They are designed to last for many years but do deteriorate. With the standard trampoline guaranteed to support up to 1 million cycles (bounces) and many specialised trampolines supporting up to 2.5 million cycles (bounces).

The trampoline springs can be a factor in the weight limit of a trampoline due to how they are made and the length of the trampoline spring. Ranging from 3.5″ (8.9 cm) to 9″ (22.86 cm) the length of the springs can contribute as they have to be made to support the intended use of the trampoline, with longer springs bringing a higher bounce but lower weight limits.

The Trampoline Mat

kanga trampoline mat
Kanga 8ft Trampoline mat

So this one’s a bit more obvious, the trampoline mat is going to be holding all the weight of the trampoline plus the force of a bounce so what is a trampoline made out of and how much weight can a trampoline mat hold?

A trampoline mat is made out of woven polypropylene material, it’s fibres are thermally locked together to create a strong, durable waterproof canvas that’s ideal for a trampoline mat. Polypropylene is not only strong, incredibly strong when layered but also flexible and smooth. Trampoline mats are UV resistant that protects the mat from being damaged or weakened by the sun.

With each layer added to a trampoline mat the weight limit is increased, however, the trampoline mat needs to stay flexible enough to provide a great bounce, couple a well-designed trampoline mat with heavy-duty long trampoline springs and you’ve got one of the best trampoline bounce going.

Read Customer Reviews of Trampoline Weight Limits

When you’re searching for a trampoline to buy you’re going to come across trampoline reviews, whether it’s a popular trampoline online or one that’s for a specific use such as a rectangle professional trampoline. More often than not you will be able to find some reviews of what the trampoline can support in real terms other than a simple weight figure, such as 50 KG or 100 KG.

You can read discussions on trampoline weight limits on certain models in the review section of the Zero Gravity Ultima 4 8ft Trampoline or the 10ft Kanga Trampoline. You’ll be sure to find some discussion on how much weight a trampoline can hold.

Trampoline Weight Limit Capacity By Size

Searching the weight limit of a trampoline is usually quite easy, it’s a selling point of many branded trampolines, the higher the trampoline weight limit the more people are going to consider the trampoline.

However, you should be aware that the smaller the trampoline the lower weight limit the trampoline will have, in fact, what you should be considering is the intended use of the trampoline and who and what age the person or persons will be that are going to be using the trampoline.

My golden rule is one child on a trampoline at a time but I know that you may be looking for a trampoline for multiple kids to use at the same time. With the average 8-year-old child weighing 50 KG (8 Stone) and the average adult male weighing 83.6 KG (13 Stone 2 lbs), you will need to consider what size trampoline is suitable for the weight you intend to put on it.

It really comes down to is this trampoline capable of supporting my children safely. So how much weight will a trampoline hold / how much weight does a trampoline hold?

How Much Weight Can A Toddler Trampoline Hold?

A small toddler trampoline can hold between 20 KG (3 Stone 1 lbs) and 30 KG (4 Stone 7 lbs). An example of this would be the Plum junior Bouncer Trampoline that has a weight limit of 25 KG (3 Stone 9lbs). For this weight limit capacity, a small toddler trampoline would be suitable for a child aged between 18 months and 3 years old.

How Much Weight Can A Mini Kids Trampoline Hold?

A mini kids trampoline or a small kids garden trampoline can hold between 30 KG (4 Stone 7 lbs) and 50 KG (7 Stone 9lbs). A real-life example of this would be the best selling mini kids trampoline, The red Oypla 55″ Kids First Trampoline with Safety Net Enclosure can support a weight limit of 45 KG (7 Stone).

How Much Weight Can A 6ft Trampoline Hold?

With a 6ft trampoline, you need to be expecting a weight limit of between 40 KG (6 Stone 3 lbs) and 60 KG (9 Stone 3 lbs). An example of a 6ft trampoline would be the Zero gravity Ultima 4 Trampoline that can support a weight limit of 50 KG (7 Stone 9lbs). As you can see that this size of trampoline could support a small child, but is not going to support the average teenager or adult male.

How Much Weight Can A 8ft Trampoline Hold?

As the trampolines increase in size, we see a larger variance and difference in the weight limits of the trampolines. With 8ft trampoline’s being able to support between 50 KG (7 Stone 9 lbs) and 100 KG (15 Stone 7lbs) that’s a big difference between manufacturer’s right! What this means is there’s a difference in materials used and the testing phase these trampolines have been through.

It makes finding a trampoline a little bit harder when you don’t know what you’re looking for. A real example of this would be the Plum Galvanized Steel 8ft Round Trampoline that supports 50 KG and the Kanga 8ft Trampoline with Safety Net that can support 100 KG.

These two different trampolines are the same size but have a massively different weight limit.

How Much Weight Can A 10ft Trampoline Hold?

A 10ft Trampoline can support a weight limit of between 75 KG (11 Stone 8lbs) and 120 KG (19 Stone), depending largely on the brand of the trampoline and the materials used. An example of this would be the Zero Gravity Ultima 4 10ft Trampoline which can support a weight limit of 100 KG (15 Stone 7 lbs).

Most round trampolines tend to have a maximum weight capacity of 100 KG (15 stone 7lbs) as it is the structure and materials that now limit the trampoline weight capacity. So even if you go up to a 12ft trampoline or a 14ft round big trampoline, then the weight limit tends to flat out at 100 KG.

Trampoline Weight By Shape

While round trampolines tend to flatline at 100 KG weight limits there are other trampolines that are available that can support larger weight limits. An example of this would be the rectangular Zero Gravity Ultima 5 Barrel Trampoline that I’ve reviewed recently. The 15ft by 10 ft Rectangle trampoline has a max weight limit of 130 KG (20 Stone 4lbs), and that’s a low budget but highly praised trampoline design.

Rectangle trampolines are designed for semi-professionals or kids that have some trampoline experience, usually an option to upgrade from a round trampoline, a rectangular trampoline can support a higher weight limit than a standard round trampoline and the reason for that is they are usually made from higher quality materials and the shape lends itself to redistributing weight much better.

Final Thoughts

So to conclude my guide on how much can a trampoline hold, I tried to be as informative as I could and provide real-life trampoline examples so you can see what’s available. I’ve explained why some trampolines differ in weight limits from the materials used, to the purpose of the trampoline. You don’t want to go buying a 6ft garden trampoline for your 14 yr old son for example. That could end in a bad accident! So use this article as a guide and, always check the manufacturer’s specifications before purchasing a trampoline. I hope you’ve enjoyed my guide on how much weight a trampoline can hold.

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