Trampoline Shape – Round or Rectangle?

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So you’re looking for a new trampoline but have been bombarded with options and you’re wondering if you should choose a round trampoline or a rectangle trampoline for the kids to enjoy in the garden?

A round trampoline has the benefit of generally being cheaper, providing a smaller bounce for new users or smaller children and easily available. While a rectangle trampoline is more suitable for experienced users who are looking for more space and a powerful bounce.

I’m going to compare two of the most popular shapes available today. You may have been searching for the perfect trampoline before or you may just be starting to search but you’ll often come across the different shapes of trampolines that you can buy. It can often get quite confusing if you’re unsure of what is the best-shaped trampoline for me and my kids.

I hope to answer this question for you and a few more, What’s the difference between a round trampoline and a rectangle trampoline and how do I know which shape is the best trampoline shape?

Before you dive into the article, if you want a quick look at the pro’s and con’s of each shape, so take a look.

Round Trampoline Pros and Cons

  • Strong Round Shaped Frame
  • Usually Cheaper Than Rectangle Trampoline
  • Limited Bounce Can Be Safety Feature
  • Weight Capacity From 50 KG to 100 KG
  • Can Fit in Most Gardens
  • One Impact Point On The Trampoline (Centre)
  • Low Quality Bounce Compared to Rectangle Trampoline
  • More Than One Person Bouncing Can Cause Impacts

Rectangle Trampoline Pros and Cons

  • Superior, Higher Quality Trampoline Bounce
  • Weight Capacity From 100 KG to 130 KG
  • Multiple Bounce Impact Spots (No Pull to Centre).
  • Larger Mat So More Room To Bounce
  • More Expensive Than Round Trampoline
  • Usually Only Available in Larger Sizes (10ft+)

Round Trampoline or Rectangle Trampoline Explained

Let’s put the each to the test. I’m going to discuss the frame of each shape, the bounce quality, the price, the weight limit capacity and the safety information of both the round and the rectangle trampoline.

Round Vs Rectangle Trampoline Frame Strength

Frame strength is a critical part of any trampoline, it should be made of strong durable galvanized steel. Usually, hot-dipped which provides protection from natural elements, which can cause rust and corrosion of the trampoline frame.

The frame which is galvanized has a higher resistance to rust and corrosion so it’s important to make sure your trampoline has a galvanized steel frame.

So how does a round frame and a rectangle frame differ?

They obviously differ in shape and this is where one can outperform the other. Round trampolines can be more sturdy which is the result of the circular trampoline design. They can be a lot stronger but that’s mainly down to the size of the trampoline and tension the circular design creates – A smaller frame and a smaller trampoline mat area to keep secure.

The frame itself of each trampoline is equally as strong as the other and a rectangle trampoline usually has inverted legs and higher quality T-Section joints to mitigate the shape disadvantage.

The Frame Strength Winner Is a tie between both the Round Trampoline and the Rectangle Trampoline

Round Vs Rectangle Trampoline Bounce

If you’re looking for the best bounce and you’re trying to decide what shape provides the best bounce? Then when it comes to the shape, you should be looking at a rectangle trampoline as it offers a higher, more superior bounce. With a rectangle trampoline, you should expect your bounce to have a return bounce of equal height and power.

Why do you get a better bounce on a rectangle trampoline?

When you jump on a rectangle trampoline, not all springs are activated at the same time this is different to a round trampoline where when you bounce all the springs work together. A rectangle trampoline experiences less stress and wears as it only activates the springs it needs to give you a superior bounce.

So while rectangle trampolines provide a superior, higher bounce. A round trampoline can provide a great bounce, especially for little children. It’s not uncommon for children once they gain enough experience to upgrade to a rectangle trampoline.

So how does the bounce on a round trampoline work?

When you jump on a round trampoline you experience the pull effect as all the springs activate to create one bounce on the trampoline. It’s very hard for two people to bounce on a round trampoline as it pulls each person to the centre of the trampoline – This can be seen when you try to bounce outwith the centre of the trampoline, you will automatically be pulled back to the centre.

This doesn’t happen on a rectangle trampoline as you can create separate bounce impact spots which are ideal for more experienced and older children to enjoy. So you have to weigh up the pro’s and con’s of having each different shape.

Do you want a more controlled bounce for younger kids? Or, do you want to give your children more freedom to bounce?

The Bounce Quality Trampoline Winner Is the Rectangle Trampoline

Round Vs. Rectangle Trampoline Safety

I talk about safety alot on this blog. I’m always measuring up the risks against the benefits of owning a trampoline. It’s no lie that for children, bouncing is exciting and thrilling so you want to allow them to have fun but be safe at the same time. I’ve decided to write down what I think are the safety differences between a round trampoline and a rectangle trampoline.

With a reduced bounce height compared to the rectangle trampoline, this limitation actually benefits itself to the safety of a round trampoline as the limited bounce height and the pull effect of a round trampoline keep children away from the edges and don’t allow much freedom from the centre.

While the pull effect is an added benefit, each trampoline sold today in the United Kingdom has to be sold with a safety net enclosure attached so that might mitigate the risks for you.

As we are focused on the shape and not the accessories, then the winner of what trampoline shape is the safest is a round trampoline.

If more than one person is allowed to jump on a round trampoline at the same time then it’s no longer the safest option. The rectangle trampoline allows multiple bounce impact spots making it better for multiple people.

Round Vs. Rectangle Trampoline Price

So how much does a round trampoline cost compared to a rectangle trampoline? And why does that mean the lowest price is better?

Generally speaking, a round trampoline is going to be cheaper and less expensive than a rectangle one. Round trampolines are seen as ‘made for all’ and are the most accessible and easily available, so this does drive the price down along with competition between brands. Added with the fact that a round design is stronger in shape it doesn’t need extra safety features that a rectangle trampoline may need.

It does, however, depend on the type of materials that have been used to build it, also the size and the brand can have an impact on the cost. For example, a branded 14ft round trampoline can cost more than a budget 10ft rectangle trampoline.

While rectangle or rectangular trampolines are aimed at more professional or experienced users and have specialised features included, that often increase the price.

That’s not to say you can’t buy bargain or budget rectangle trampolines you just need to check out the Zero Gravity Ultima 5 Barrel Trampoline to see how you can do just that.

Final Thoughts

It’s really difficult to choose the best shape between a round trampoline and a rectangle trampoline. Both have benefits and both have bad points.

If you’re looking for a trampoline that is suitable for an older child that has some experience, then you should go for a rectangle trampoline.

If you are choosing a new trampoline for a younger child with no experience then I would choose the round trampoline.


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