Peppa Pig Trampoline Review UK [2020]

This post contains affiliate links. As an Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. You can read our full disclosure here.
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. You can read our full disclosure here.

Today we are taking a look at the very colourful and special Peppa Pig pink trampoline for toddlers. Often referred to as a kids mini trampoline or a Junior trampoline The Peppa Pig trampoline is bright, fun, enticing for any toddler who just happens to love Peppa Pig and comes with various safety precautions to ensure your child is first and foremost safe and enjoys their bouncing time.

Kid Active Peppa Pig Childrens Toddler Trampoline, Multicolor, 58 x 58 x 65 cm
  • Ideal my first trampoline for toddlers
  • Unique construction for easy assembly and safer bouncing
  • Low to the ground with padded safety mat for added security
  • Soft grip handle and non slip rubber feet
  • Ideal for bouncing inside and outside. Helps develop balance and co-ordination

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Peppa Pig Toddler Trampoline Review

So back to our Peppa Pig trampoline review. When reviewing this toddler trampoline we decided to focus on a few key points, we do this overall toddler trampolines as it allows us to give a fair score to each product.

How we are going to score the Peppa Pig toddler trampoline

  • Features of the Peppa Pig toddler trampoline
  • Safety concerns and specifications of the Peppa Pig trampoline
  • Price of the toddler trampoline
  • Design of this toddler trampoline
  • Other peoples comments on the Peppa Pig trampoline.

Let’s get started on our review

peppa pig toddler trampoline
The unique Peppa Pig Pink Trampoline
  • Easy assemble trampoline
  • Vibrant and fun design
  • Soft grip handlebars
  • Non-slip trampoline feet
  • Great Price
  • Does not fold away for easy storage
  • Not suitable for 3+ Ages

Peppa Pig Trampoline Design

The Peppa Pig toddler trampoline is bright and fun, it’s aimed at children who love the Peppa Pig TV show and that’s pretty obvious in its design. Featuring Peppa Pig on the front of the trampoline in a large design with Peppa Pig in her iconic red dress and yellow boots against an eye-catching blue background. Peppa Pig has a great smile with her hands out as if Peppa is bouncing and is the centrepiece of the design.

The frame is pink in colour with yellow feet on the trampoline with the safety mat padding featuring green grass design on the front with a pink / purple trampoline skirt finishing off with bright yellow seems.

The trampoline has Peppa Pig quotes on the trampoline mat which is fun and cool. Pink handlebars reach the top of the trampoline with purple coloured handlebars to finish off the design.

Peppa Pig Trampoline Price

The Peppa Pig toddler trampoline is currently priced around the £40 – £50 price range. We believe that’s at the lower end of our price range when looking for a toddler trampoline so it’s the perfect buy. It’s a cheap toddler trampoline that’s perfect for anyone who’s working within a budget.

The perfect purchase for a child’s birthday or Christmas present.

Features Of The Peppa Pig Trampoline

The Peppa Pig toddler trampoline has a few main features that are listed on the manufacturer’s website, they are;

  • Easy Assembly trampoline
  • Soft grip handlebars
  • Safety mat with added padding
  • Low to the ground clearance for safety
  • Unique and bright design
  • Non-slip rubber feet

This toddler Peppa Pig trampoline is easy to assemble, we advise at least two people to assemble it but it does state that one single person is capable of putting together the trampoline, soft-grip handlebars allow easy grip for a child but are also padded for added safety – You don’t want a child to hit their head and if so there’s protection there.

The safety mat and padding are included which minimise any falls or tumbles and the low to the ground safety clearance means any tumbles off the trampoline where a child may slip are not going to cause any injuries as the fall distance is minimal.

A bright design is appealing to the child using the toddler trampoline and the non-slip rubber feet included allows stability when the trampoline is in use and avoids movements when in use.

Specifications and Dimensions

peppa pig toddler trampoline
The Peppa Pig toddler trampoline box and packaging.

The Peppa Pig Trampoline box design is bright, wonderfully designed with Peppa featured on the box along with George Pig also. It mentions the feature of being easy to assemble and is manufactured by worlds apart.

Peppa Pig toddler trampoline model number: 304PED

The package comes delivered weighing 2.6 KG with dimensions of 58 cm x 58 cm x 65 cm. It is ideal for ages 12 months + up to 36 months that’s 1 year to 3 year’s old. Any older and the trampolines non slip feet will struggle to stay on the ground due to the weight of bounce.

The Peppa Pig pink toddler trampoline although recommended for 12 months + has been used by younger children from 9 months but with all toddler trampolines supervision is always advised.

The toddler trampoline cannot be detached easily or folded away very easily without deconstruction so please keep that in mind.

Comments on the trampoline

For us, the Peppa Pig toddler trampoline is ideal for any child that adores Peppa or follows the TV show. We love the design of the trampoline and believe it’s a suitable trampoline for kids and toddlers alike. The safety concerns we have are addressed with the soft grip handlebars and the included safety mat. We love the overall look as it’s striking and fun.

We collected some comments from users of this trampoline.

Great little indoor peppa pig trampoline. Nice and sturdy – feels very stable. Ideal for my 3 year old granddaughter.

Stewart K.

Bought this Peppa Pig Toddler Trampoline for my 2 yr old granddaughter, and she loved it. Very suitable for young children and kids, well-padded safety mat, nice and low to the ground so as to avoid injury.
Would definitely recommend to others. Although it did take 4 adults to put together.

Kelly S.

Bought this as a birthday present for my granddaughter and she absolutely loves it. Nice and easy for a toddler to climb on and off. It was a little bit tricky to put together, but I would definitely recommend this trampoline.

Karen K,

As you can see the reviews seem good on the Peppa Pig toddler trampoline, if you’ve got some more questions hopefully we can answer them below.

Peppa Pig Trampoline Questions

  • Does this trampoline make a noise?
  • What is the height of the Peppa Pig trampoline handlebars?
  • What size of the box is the trampoline delivered in?
  • Does the Peppa Pig trampoline fold away?
  • Does the Peppa Pig toddler trampoline move when bouncing?

Does the Peppa Pig trampoline make a noise?

No, the trampoline does not make a noise.

What is the height of the Peppa Pig trampoline handlebars?

The height of the handlebars, this is from the top of the handlebars down to where the trampoline mat starts are 350 mm or 35 cm in height.

What size of the box is the trampoline delivered in?

The box is small, it’s a small package that weighs 2.6 KG

Does the Peppa Pig trampoline fold away?

No, the trampoline does not fold away for easy storage and to fold it away for storage you would need to deconstruct the trampoline.

Does the Peppa Pig toddler trampoline move when bouncing?

No, the trampoline does not move when bouncing if you follow the age range and weight range that’s allowed. It will start to move if you are exceeding that recommendation. If the trampoline starts to move then consider upgrading to a junior trampoline.

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